At Ti2, learning excellence means small class size ( 6-10 students). Students work side-by-side with scientists and engineers in labs and round-table discussions. 


We embrace teachable moments, not rushing through lessons. We prioritize depth over breadth. We emphasize thinking process and skills development--exploring "how" and "why," not just naming "what." We teach how learning requires taking risks and making mistakes. 

Not offering science or engineering "lite," we know that even our youngest learners are more capable than often given credit and need outlets for their curiosity and creativity to blossom. We are eager to facilitate the highest levels of balanced learning for students who demonstrate gifts or express strong interests in STEM.

See Curriculum for more details. 


What will your child experience at Ti2? 

Excitement and Reward

Our students find rigorous learning rewarding, because of a creative curriculum designed with high expectations and a process for meeting these demands successfully.

Preparation for Success

Whether our students ultimately contribute to society as fine artists, writers, designers or bio-engineers, we ensure their STEM literacy. For those who seek science and engineering immersion, we provide it. Our upper-level students engage in labs often first done in college.

Calm Yet Energized

Distraction and anxiety interfere with the ability to learn and perform. Educational settings can be stressful, unengaging and/or wonderful. Each young person experiences their education differently, just as they will experience work and career differently. Five to ten minutes of research-proven, stress-reduction exercises offer students simple tools for healthier work-life integration. 

The stress reduction techniques Ti2 uses do not have any religious or ideological elements, content or connotations. Participation is voluntary. 

At The Innovation Institute, we have an obligation to be supportive, transparent and balanced—enabling parents to have full confidence that they are offering their children the best enrichment education in science and engineering and not at the expense but in support of their children’s happiness and creative development.

Bright, confident and successful young people are our legacy and their futures’ are our responsibility.
— Jennifer Montana, Executive Director and Founder