MicroBio Explorers (GR4-5)

MicroBio Explorers (GR4-5)


MicroBio Explorers gives students the opportunity to preview a course on microbiology, including cell biology, bacteria, viruses and fungi. The course investigates questions, including:

  • What are microorganisms? How can we identify and differentiate them?

  • How does current understanding affect our ability to manage "good" and "bad" microorganisms in our bodies and the environment?

  • What is the human microbiome? Why do scientists increasingly think that this biome is so important to human health?

Students have the opportunity to make slides and stain them to improve visualization and experiment with making art using the microscope. Students are introduced to the world of science meets art micrography.

This course builds upon "Micro&Nano Worlds" but does not require it. It covers distinct but complementary content to "Micro&Nano Worlds." The curricula for the two courses are different and developmentally appropriate.


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