Intro to Genome Science (GR7-8)

Intro to Genome Science (GR7-8)


Everyday we hear or read media/press pieces about molecular biology. This one-week intensive jumpstarts students understanding of the foundations of genome science through investigations and labs. Topics and learning activities include:

Reinforcement of Central Dogma

  • Transcription and Translation—how the information contained within DNA gets transcribed and translated into proteins that form the building blocks of systems of living organisms.

Lab Experiments with Commonly Used Genome Science Tools and Techniques

  • Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) and Electropheresis—science lab tools that amplify DNA or permit visualization.

Potential Applications: Why Is  Genome Science so Important?

  • PCR and Electrophoresis—how these technologies are used to support individual medical diagnosis and public health decisions.

Students develop a context for understanding and opportunities to discuss gene editing (e.g., CRISPR) and related research through this course.


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