At Ti2, we are stewards of your child's curiosity. Honored by this privilege and responsibility, we fully engage children with inquiry-based science and engineering.

We focus on developing and sustaining children's creative and critical thinking skills, so that they can explore, create and innovate. Ti2 students complete a learning cycle that balances investigation, conceptualization and application. .

We believe that the learning process needs to be joyful to create strong bonds between learning and achievement. 

We believe in your children.

Our Core Values and Goal

Confirmed by research and experience, Ti2's guiding principles are:

  • Successful teaching and learning is a reciprocal learning experience, guided by mutual respect and inspired by curiosity.
  • Achieving effective learning involves understanding cognitive development and learning style variations. Curriculum development and implementation need to reflect this awareness.
  • Demanding curriculum can and should be rewarding for all students. Children are far more capable than typically acknowledged.
  • Bright, confident and successful young people are our legacy and their futures are our responsibility.

Our goal is to create a dynamic learning environment that embodies these principles--where learning is joyful.

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