Fostering STEM Excellence

Some argue that understanding science, engineering, and math and the technologies that emerge from them is no longer negotiable for 21st century economic success. STEM literacy is a requirement for all. We don’t disagree or challenge the fact that our increasingly interdependent global economy raises the level of competitiveness to ever higher levels. Students no longer compete to become scientists and engineers with peers from a neighboring state but another country. Geography, markets, and regulations no longer shield inventors and innovators as they seek to secure first mover’s advantage. To us the question is not a fear-driven ‘whether or not we can compete’ but about how to thrive within this context. Our mission, vision, and values help convey our position.

Our Mission

Ti2’s mission is to inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers. To achieve this goal, Ti2 focuses on providing STEM education excellence through inspired teaching, inquiry-based learning, and hands-on innovating. Why? Understanding how and why science, engineering, and technology will continue to transform young people's lives will make them at home in a world that we can only imagine. The creative and critical thinking skills young people develop through this learning ensure their ability to anticipate change, adapt to it, if not invent its drivers.

We seek to encourage young people to be inspired, compelled, and excited to develop the skills to understand and shape their world. And, our work suggests that we know how to do so.

Our Vision and Values

Confirmed by research and experience, Ti2's core principles are:

  • Successful teaching and learning is a reciprocal learning experience guided by mutual respect and inspired by curiosity.

  • Effective learning involves understanding cognitive development and variations in learning style. Curriculum development and implementation need to reflect this awareness.

  • Demanding curriculum can and should be rewarding for all students, for children are far more capable than typically acknowledged.

  • Culture and environment must reflect and reinforce vision and values.

  • Bright, confident and successful young people are our legacy and their futures are our responsibility.

We recognize that joyful learning creates the strongest bonds between learning and achievement. We believe that it results in an enduring drive to explore, create and innovate.

We believe in your children.