Raven Reddy is currently an Associate at the Dementia Discovery Fund, a unique, mission-driven biotechnology venture capital firm focused in neurodegenerative diseases. His work with them focuses on identifying key academic research in engineering and neuroscience and translating them through companies into therapeutics for patients. His projects include clarifying the role of neuroinflammation in Alzheimer's Disease and specifically subtyping Parkinson's Disease patients.

Raven Reddy recently completed his PhD in the Department of Biological Engineering at MIT, where he was a Sloan Scholar and trainee of the National Institute of Health Biotechnology Training Program. His thesis focused on cellular signaling, a process by which tissues respond to changes in their molecular environment. He developed a novel technique to create a dynamic picture of the changes that occur during signaling by stitching together snapshots separated by 10-second intervals to reveal novel biological mechanisms that control cellular responses.

Prior to his graduate work, Raven completed his B.S. in Biological Engineering also at MIT. His research focused on understanding the mechanisms of angiogenesis in development and in cancer. After coming to MIT in the Physics program, he switched to Biological Engineering after his first year when he saw the remarkable and accelerating research that was happening around campus

Raven was also an instructor at MIT, running a new graduate internship program called Research Experiences in Biopharma. After conducting his own internship at Merrimack Pharmaceuticals, he saw an unmet need for academic trainees to gain industrial experience that would help them clarify career decisions many graduate students face at the end of their PhD. Working with the MIT Biotechnology Group, the School of Engineering, and the Department of Biological Engineering, he developed a novel framework that allowed students to participate in exploratory research at a local biotech company in the context of a class as a "case study". Pairing students with individual industrial mentors, he taught two semesters with 35 students placed across 6 local companies.

Raven is excited to become part of the Innovation Institute as a way to motivate future scientists and expose them to the exhilarating breakthroughs that are happening all around Boston. His recent departure from graduate school has left him itching to get back to hands-on demonstrations and working with younger students.

In his free time, Raven can be found golfing, running, or searching for spicy food with his goldendoodle Oakley.