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The Innovation Institute is located in the former church at 288 Walnut Street/449 Newtonville Avenue in Newtonville, MA. The entrance to our building is at 449 Newtonville Avenue. Once inside the building, The Innovation Institute, itself, can be found on the third floor, suite 300.

Students accompanied by parents, legal guardians, or other specifically authorized individuals must be dropped off and picked up within Suite 300, the location of the The Innovation Institute at 288 Walnut Street/449 Newtonville Avenue, Suite 300, Newtonville MA 02460. NEVER DROP YOUR CHILD OFF OUTSIDE OF 288 WALNUT ST BUILDING AND CONSIDER YOUR CHILD WITHIN THE CARE OF THE INNOVATION INSTITUTE.

The Innovation Institute is not/and cannot be responsible for and cannot and/does not count students as present unless they are within Suite 300.

The Innovation Institute will not recognize exceptions to drop off and pick up protocols unless authorization forms have been completed in writing in advance by a student's parents or legal guardians.

If a student is/will be absent from class, kindly notify The Innovation Institute via e-mail ( or phone 617 340-9907. Thank you.

Please note that while on the premises of 288 Walnut Street, a policy of silence or quiet conversation is required, as other organizations are conducting work.

Under no circumstances, including lateness, should drop-off or pick-up vehicles be parked illegally (i.e., in parking lot spaces behind, next to, or in front of 288 Walnut Street/449 Newtonville Avenue (including The Innovation Institute sign-posted spaced, which are for staff only], double-parked or in any way blocking area traffic potentially or in actuality). Newton enforces parking regulations vigorously.

No child will be released to any person not previously authorized in writing on The Innovation Institute's "Dismissal Authorized Alternates" form. All authorized persons may be asked to show a valid photo ID. Please do not take offense to this protocol; it is for the safety and security of all students who are accompanied by adults to and from The Innovation Institute.

Please make sure that a student does not leave with the authorized person without the explicit knowledge of the dismissal staff on duty.

No student will be dismissed unaccompanied or to other adults unless previously authorized on The Innovation Institute's "Unaccompanied Dismissal" or "Dismissal to Other Authorized Adult" forms. Thank you for your cooperation.