Policies and Guidelines Summary

The Innovation Institute has implemented common-sense policies and guidelines to ensure student health, wellness, safety and security. We have also done so to facilitate the best possible experience for The Innovation Institute community as a whole.

The information below provides an overview. For a comprehensive review of The Innovation Institute's policies, please see the links at the bottom of this page. 

Health and Wellness

For health and safety purposes, The Innovation Institute does not currently allow any food or beverages in its classrooms or labs.  We are a nut-free facility.

We encourage students to bring water bottles. Water bottles are not permitted in any of the labs at any time. We also strongly encourage parents and caregivers to ensure that students have a healthy snack or meal just before class.

Prior to the first day of class, each student must have a completed Health and Wellness Form on file at The Innovation Institute. We provide this form during the online enrollment process.

Safety and Security

Learning in a Safe and Secure Environment

At The Innovation Institute, seeking to ensure student well being is multidimensional for us. 

Peer-to-Peer Interactions: A Welcoming Community

The Innovation Institute team sets the tone for our community by modeling expectations and behaviors it seeks students to demonstrate. We are an inclusive, open learning community that welcomes and learns from the differences among us. We have a "no-tolerance" policy regarding bullying behaviors.

Prior to the start of a course, each student must understand and agree to abide by The Innovation Institute's Code of Conduct. (It was created by our middle school students). We provide this form during the enrollment process.

Lab Safety

The Innovation Institute takes the safety and security of each of our students very seriously. All students receive instruction in lab safety on an ongoing basis, and our small student-to-instructor ratio allows our staff to closely monitor student safety.


As parents ourselves, staff at the Innovation Institute understand parental security concerns. We make every effort to allay concerns by implementing stringent security protocols.

Prior to the first day of class, each student must have a completed Pick-Up and Drop-Off Authorization Form on file at The Innovation Institute. We provide this form during the online enrollment process. 

Inclement Weather

Please note that given that this is New England, we expect to be open when it is snowing. 

When the Innovation Institute cancels classes due to instructor absence or inclement weather, the session will be rescheduled. We preschedule one-to-two extra sessions for the winter  and spring terms.

Status Updates on Opening and Closures

  • Final Decisions for Morning Courses are posted by 7:00 AM to our website homepage.
  • Final Decisions for Afternoon Courses are posted by 10:30 AM to our website homepage.

We are excited to work with your children but expect fully that you will make judgment calls about the weather and travel conditions in your area. In past, we have experienced significant weather variations within the Boston Metro. 

We would appreciate it greatly if you would inform us if your child will not attend a class. It helps us to plan accordingly, as some of our instructors travel a distance to work with your children. Thanks!

For comprehensive details about our policies and guidelines, please review our Terms of ServiceCancellation and Refund Policy and Privacy Policy. Also, feel free to email or call us at 617 340-9907. Thank you.