Which physical sciences course will be a best fit given my background and interests?

Intro to Physics and Chemistry is most suited for students with some familiarity with symbolic math, functions, and basic geometric principles. It can, however, be accessible to students without these concepts through additional math self-study and tutoring.

Physics I is most appreciated by students with a solid introduction to algebra through at least the quadratic equation, and a basic understanding of trigonometry. Because knowledge of calculus can yield a deeper knowledge of physics, Ti2 offers additional resources for learning for those students with some calculus familiarity.

Physics II is most appropriate for students who have taken at least one semester of introductory physics (whether calculus or algebra-based), who have completed algebra beyond the quadratic equation, and who have a solid understanding of trigonometry. Students should be self motivated and prepared to start participating in the process of science - introductory ability to read scientific literature, interact with scientists, propose a project, and complete an initial scientific work with support.

Physics III: CERN Beamline Program and Competition is appropriate for students who have taken one semester of HS level physics, are a minimum of 16 years old and preferably have taken/are taking calculus. All other interested students under the age of 16 may discuss their participation with Ti2 staff.


Please take the physical sciences placement questionnaire, so that we can help you make the best decision.