February School Break

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Winter Learning Fun

Tuition & Fees

QUIck Facts

  • Join us for winter science & engineering week-long course, Mon-Fri, February 19-23 2018. (Please note that Chemistry: Molecules and Reactions is not week long. It is Mon-Wed only.)
  • Courses meet from 9AM to 12PM. Each mini course explores a science and/or engineering field. (Please note that Engineering and Biomedical Life Sciences meets from 12PM-3PM.)
  • Spaces are limited.
  • Early drop off and after-class pickup options available at $25/hour.


Designing Habitats: A Hands-On Investigation of the Natural World

Grades: K-1
Tuition: $590
Materials: $20

This course taps the creativity of younger children, as they identify and learn how to think about the natural and built worlds. Each day they add to their design plan and creation of their own habitat (using creative media) and the natural life it supports. Student investigation of  habitats includes extreme environments and those in which delicate forms of life can survive and thrive. They explore examples of biomimicry, adaptation, and the impact of technology of human habitats. 



Junior NeuroExplorers: Learning about and Crafting a Brain

Grades: 2-3
Tuition: $600
Materials: $25

The Innovation Institute’s neuroscience curriculum engages younger students by having them learn about the brain and nervous system through labs and activities. 

Students explore the brain as the body's control center and fundamental questions about the relationship of the five senses to the brain and nervous system. They engage in labs that help them to understand how the brain perceives phenomena, which senses work most strongly together, and how senses can compensate for other ones when one is impaired. Students also learn which parts of the brain are associated with processing human senses. 

Each day students devote time to creatively making a brain from various media and storytime when students learn about the neuro-adventures of some slightly older children. 


Chemistry: Molecules and Reactions

Grades: 4-6
Tuition: $580
Materials: $35
(mon-Wed only)

At Ti2 we know how much some children love chemistry. This course is an exciting lab-based program where students learn about molecules using a hands-on approach. Students spend about one-third of their time in the laboratory applying what they learn about the molecular world while investigating how molecules change during chemical reactions.

Students learn how to conduct experiments, including developing hypotheses, controlling for variables, making observations, collecting evidence, and preparing and evaluating conclusions from evidence. They become confident about lab safety in preparation for middle school, too.

This is a wonderful course for young people eager to explore chemistry, learn about the "why" behind chemical reactions, love LEGO, and wonder about the invisible, molecular world.


Engineering and Biomedical Life Sciences

Grades: 6-8
Tuition: $615
Materials Fee: $35
12pM-3PM, Mon-Fri

Remote Controlled Humans?!

In moments of weakness, some have wished that they could control others. Using neuroscience, human anatomy, and electrical engineering, this winter break, that wish will become a reality!

By hacking a remote-controlled car and the human sense of balance, we will create a non-invasive device that can alter the motion of a human subject (the instructor).

The material in the class is largely self-contained. Some background in engineering and/or human biology may be helpful. The most important prerequisites are persistence and maturity.

Note: While not harmful, altering the sense of balance can feel unpleasant. So the instructor will be the human subject for these devices. Parental permission is required for any students who wishes to test the device.


A Typical Daily Session

9:00 AM: Arrival, Welcome, & Review the Day's Plan
9:15 AM: Activity One
10:30 AM: Break and Snack
10:45 AM: Activity Two
11:30 AM: Questions, Applications and Wrap Up
12:00 PM: Dismissal

Gr K-1: Habitats
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Gr 4-6: Molecules and Chemical Reactions
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