Investigate. Analyze. Postulate.   Photo Credit: Sarah Campbell

Investigate. Analyze. Postulate.

Photo Credit: Sarah Campbell

Engaging Middle School Students

The Innovation Institute's middle school program energizes and focuses 11 to 14 years olds—engaging their developing adolescent minds and positioning them for high achievement in secondary school. 

By sixth grade, students enjoy the opportunity to focus more deeply within the science and engineering disciplines covered in the primary school curriculum. Rather than covers concepts and their applications across a range of subjects in Earth and Planetary Sciences, Physical Sciences, Chemistry and Life Sciences (including, biology and environmental sciences), students can focus within these disciplines.

The 2013-2014 curriculum will include a trimester each of molecular biology, genetics and neuroscience. A course on the science of renewable and nonrenewable energies will also be offered during the winter/spring terms for middle-school students. To read course descriptions, click here.

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