The Architects of the Future course focuses upon fostering creative and geospatial thinking skills through hands-on activities. Students investigate shape, structure, architectural design, building and basic geometry. Students explore these areas while embarking on multimedia virtual travel adventures to see major architectural sites. Students are encouraged to wonder and share their ideas about how building and their design create spaces that affect how we:

  • live
  • play
  • share
  • connect with each other (community)

Students take virtual tours of cities over the course of a term where they learn about the iconic architectural forms and structures. They investigate space utilization, building placement, and its purposes and impact upon community. They recreate these architectural forms exploring color, shape and texture of recycled materials while creatively exploring and repurposing these materials. Students step through a progression of creative hands-on steps to explore questions such as "how does the selection of materials affect the building's impact on the community"? "Are there any rules that designers and builders have to follow when they do their work"?

Mathematics are creatively incorporated into student travel itineraries using the Zome System.

The Ti2 team engages area research institutions and industries to help students understand how and why people are investigating the science behind and developing innovative solutions to the topics and issues covered in this course.   

Over the course of the year, learning entry points may include the use of fiction and non-fiction literature, field trips, and art.