Where the telescope ends the microscope begins. Which of the two has the grander view?

This course offers an immersive, lab-based introduction to cellular and molecular biology for students who missed MicroWorlds: Intro to Micro and Mole Bio and want a solid foundation in molecular biology for genome sciences. This course devotes more time to molecular biology but ensures that students can appreciate the former with a clear understanding of cellular biology.

Investigations on the cellular level actively involve the cellular biology of plants and animals. Students investigate cells, organelles and cellular activity through the lens of structure and function. Students actively investigate different types of cells, cell reproduction, cellular respiration, cell mutation, etc. Explorations include stem cells and cellular organisms of research interest such as extremophiles.

Students gain a new context for understanding the concept that cells are the “basic building blocks of human life” when investigating molecular biology. Students begin exploring key concepts in molecular biology by examining DNA and recreating and participating in elements of biomedical engineering taking place in professional research labs today. This includes labs that actively use PCR (polymerase chain reaction) and gel electrophoresis. Ti2 maintains several of each of the newest PCR and Gel Electrophoresis technologies on the market specifically for learning and for "use in the field" today. Most young people do not have an opportunity to use this equipment until college. 

Students are introduced to how DNA is replicated, transcribed into RNA, and translated into protein. Occurring primarily in the lab while conducting experiments, learning opportunities include:

  • Genes, DNA, and Central Dogma

  • RNA and protein synthesis

  • Genetics foundations

  • Genetics and genomics experiments in the wet-lab, including gene editing

  • Amplifying and visualizing DNA

  • Bioinformatics analysis

  • Immune system physiology

  • Applications: Intro to cell-based immunotherapies (therapeutics or diagnostics)

Site visits and visiting specialists! The Ti2 team engages individuals from area research institutions and industries to inspire our students with current research and career possibilities in science and engineering.