Hands-On Innovating

Students work in the The innovation laboratory to solve problems creatively and sharpen critical thinking skills. The innovation lab is where our young people imagine, explore, create and invent. Their work in the innovation lab is directly tied to each science learning unit and usually presented in the form of an engineering design challenge.

Through their experiences in the Innovation lab, students learn the differences between scientific inquiry and engineering design.

  • Students  learn how to identify and communicate a problem.
  • Students explore and plan a potential solution.
  • Students develop their design and then they test, evaluate and determine modifications for improvement.

As with scientific exploration, where students learn to formulate questions that can be tested, engineering design challenge process is introduced in a developmentally appropriate and engaging way.

For example, a fourth grader may be learning about human anatomy. After they have completed investigative lessons in the science lab and roundtable discussions, they may then be asked to think about how to design a better knee brace in the innovation lab. Learn how the innovation lab is incorporated into learning units in the primary school and middle school curriculum.


Identify Challenge. Design. Invent.

Identify Challenge. Design. Invent.

Challenge of the Month

Enrolled students can work on monthly design challenges in addition to their class challenges in the lab outside of class time.  Often times, the innovation lab engineer who kick's-off the challenge will have engineering expertise specific to the monthly challenge.

October Innovation Challenge

Will it be mechanical, environmental, industrial, electrical, biomedical or...check back soon for the first challenge! 

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