Investigate, Discover & Design: Developing Critical Thinking Skills through Sci & Eng I, II & III

In this hands-on series of courses designed for Kindergartners through fourth graders, students engage in experiments, activities, or design challenges daily. 

Carefully guided facilitation gives students opportunities to discover concepts, rather than be told them first! Students explore topics including:

  • nanotechnology/biomimicry
  • computer programming
  • neurobiology
  • anatomy and physiology
  • microbiology
  • ecology
  • Newtonian physics
  • astronomy
  • chemistry
  • mechanical and electrical engineering

NOTE: Each grade grouping (e.g., grades 1-2, 3-4) offers a two-year cycle (A & B). For example, if your child has taken IDD II A, then please enroll them in IDD B. The content is new and the approach thoughtful and age-appropriate manner, as always. IDD courses provide foundations for science and engineering curricula in general and for Ti2 specialized classes. 

As students observe, record (through writing, pictures photographs, role play), design and test, they organically develop the habits, practices, mindset and vocabularies of scientists and engineers. Importantly, they have a joyful time doing so. Through regular experimentation, activities, and design challenges, students become eager to:

  • ask critical questions and use their imagination
  • formulate simple hypotheses
  • collect evidence
  • identify variables and explore how to control for them
  • draw conclusions
  • share their learning
  • take risks and learn the value of making mistakes
  • design and develop models 
  • test and evaluate ideas and designs

 As, always, Ti2 focuses on the “how’s” and “why’s” rather than a “what” -based rote memorization approach. 

Site visits and visiting specialists! The Ti2 team engages individuals from area research institutions and industries to inspire our students with current research and career possibilities in science and engineering.

Learning entry points include the use of storytelling, fiction and nonfiction literature and art.