Neurobiology Special Topics: A Wet-Lab-Based Learning Approach 

This course is specifically designed for home-schoolers seeking an immersive, experiential learning opportunity in the biomedical life sciences.


Learning opportunities will include (but not be limited to):

  • Brain dissections (anatomy)

  • Nervous system physiology (electrochemical)

  • Microscopy (including slide preparation and staining) protocols and techniques (applied to the focus area: the nervous system)

  • Experiments involving the nervous system

  • Protocols and techniques for genomics in the wet-lab (e.g., learning how to micropipette, prep a gel--commonly done in college/grad school and industry.

  • PCR and gel electrophoresis (amplifying and visualizing DNA)

  • Aspects of the nervous system in which the students have a special interest (e.g., memory, learning, development, etc.)

While the course will be an intense learning experience, it will also be very interesting and a lot of fun. Students will have the opportunity to undertake experiments that we cannot include in our regular once weekly curricula--due to the amount of time required. (Some sessions may run beyond the two-hours scheduled but will be discussed in advance to make sure that the timing is feasible.)


The course will be held Weds & Thurs, 1PM-3PM.
Oct 31 & Nov 1
Nov 7 & Nov 8
Nov 14 & Nov 15
Nov 28 & Nov 29
Dec 5 & Dec 6
Dec 12 & Dec 13