Gr 6-8: Engineering & Biomedical Life Sciences

Gr 6-8: Engineering & Biomedical Life Sciences

from 650.00

Remote Controlled Humans?!

In moments of weakness, some have wished that they could control others. Using neuroscience, human anatomy, and electrical engineering, this winter break, that wish will become a reality!

By hacking a remote-controlled car and the human sense of balance, we will create a non-invasive device that can alter the motion of a human subject (the instructor).

The material in the class is largely self-contained. Some background in engineering and/or human biology may be helpful. The most important prerequisites are persistence and maturity.

Note: While not harmful, altering the sense of balance can feel unpleasant. So the instructor will be the human subject for these devices. Parental permission is required for any students who wishes to test the device.

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