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FINAL CALL: Summer Fun 2018

Summer Fun 2018

It is “last call” for summer course enrollment, much sooner than past years but the new normal. We see the continued need to communicate more clearly what sets us apart from other programs. Essentially we are always innovating on behalf of our young people. How? The answer involves: instructor quality (real scientists and engineers), passion, commitment to student interests, continuous identification of new experiential learning opportunities, and deeper dives into learning. We value shared interests over student age so long as relevant background and social and emotional maturity support productive and joyful learning. With scientists and engineers facilitating learning, and a program responsive to and respectful of students, we are unwilling and unable to offer the out-of-the-box course. A few summer highlights:

  • We have invested in equipment and instructors that enable students to explore microscopes and making art in Micro&Nano Worlds and MicroBio Explorers courses.

  • Dr. Serena is offering a not-to-be-missed course, The Body Electric: Neurobiology and Engineering. The course description begins,

Remote Controlled Humans?!...In moments of weakness, some have wished that they could control others. Using neuroscience, human anatomy, and electrical engineering, this summer, that wish will become a reality!

For summer course descriptions, tuition and fees and enrollment, visit Innovation Institute summer programs. (