Ti2 Students Strutting their stuff at MIT

Recently Innovation Institute (Ti2) students from Dr. Deani's (Cooper) Microworlds: Intro to Micro and Molecular Biology participated in a molecular biology LEGO learning workshop at MIT, developed by Dr. Kathy Vandiver of MIT's Edgerton Center.  

Our students sat together, and became the go-to group for all answers molecular. Hands shooting up in unison with each question made quite an impression, according to one of our parents.

I suspect that Ti2 students are regularly wringers for some unwitting instructor in science and engineering outreach sessions. It was gratifying for parents to see how much their children learned @Ti2 this year. Often, It's difficult for us to communicate the depth of student learning, because our intense teaching/learning relationships with students do not get recorded by a grade, a standardized exam, or even a course outline, etc. Instilling the habits and passion for lifelong learning is worth the lack of tangibles at this stage, I would argue.