The Moment of Robotic Truth: It Works!

Ready to Test.

Ready to Test.

During the Engineering Immersion summer course last week, students (ages 8-10) collaborated to design and build a robotic arm that successfully executed a desired task. Students discovered engineering brainstorming, planning and designing; learned some basics in computer programming, electrical circuits and motors; and built their prototype. We did not use kits. The engineering instructor cut lucite parts that the students then assembled.

Enthusiasm and creativity led  the way. The team designed a robotic arm for multiple tasks and insisted that I distract parents for an extra 15 minutes while they raced to ready the arm for demonstration.

It was a terrific experience for everyone, affirming our belief that if we expect students to achieve, provide them with an accessible process for doing so and offer them nurturing, high-quality support, young people will exceed expectations!

Jennifer MontanaComment