A Grandparents Observations about The Innovation Institute

When Edy Rees recently visited The Innovation Institute,  I was most interested to meet her, as she had identified herself as a grandmother and explained that her clear preference for communication was email. I am always interested to meet people who adopt disruptive technologies, which emerged later in their lives.  Edy observed two different classes, blending in with both students and teachers. Following her visit, I was touched to see her communicate the following about The Innovation Institute. 

 When I stopped in to check out the whole scene, I was tremendously impressed with the combination of inquisitive investigations with serious, studious pondering, with spontaneous joy, as when a group of 7/8 year olds gleefully decided to have their snack in the beautiful pyramid they had built this week.  I'm 71 and a retired family and child therapist, but before that I was a ghost-writer for famous physicists (not their papers for Phys. Rev., but science and public policy speeches for congressional committees, etc.)  As American Physical Society liaison to the Education Committee, I reviewed and recommended for support many alternative science education programs.  The Innovation Institute gets an A+.  The staff are connected to MIT, and bring their brilliance and contagious enthusiasm to their work with children, all of whom (as we know) are natural scientists before rigid public school systems bore them and turn them off.

Although it is sometimes awkard to do so, it seems important to share comments like Edy's. We are surely working very hard to continuously deliver the highest quality learning for our young people, but it is nice to get that "A+" acknowledgment.