The Matter of Chemistry: Chemistry, Physical Chemistry and Physics, G 5-6

The Matter of Chemistry: Chemistry, Physical Chemistry and Physics, G 5-6

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The physical sciences describe nature in the entirety, from point-like elementary particles, nuclear reactions, unbreakable cryptography, and novel electronic materials to intelligent drug discovery, boundary-pushing skyscrapers, interplanetary travel, and the boundless cosmos. This breadth and depth of science provokes curiosity, enthusiasm, and creativity.

Students engage in an age-appropriate, accelerated introduction to physics and chemistry in this course, which includes:

  • classical mechanics
  • thermodynamics
  • electromagnetics
  • wave mechanics
  • atomic theory
  • chemical bonding and reactions

This early introduction to fundamental physics and chemistry concepts provides intuitive foundations for rigorous and robust mathematical, logical, and philosophical reasoning. It also offers a solid underpinning for the natural sciences (including the life sciences). For example, learning about atoms and molecules helps develop a more substantive understanding of molecular biology.

Students learn by interacting with multimedia materials; hands-on physics learning lab equipment; a wide range of sensors, a spectrometer; and engineering resources, including Arduino integration and automation, and a 3D printer.

Site visits and visiting specialists! The Ti2 team engages area research institutions and industries to help students understand how people are investigating the science behind and developing innovative solutions to topics covered in this course. Learning opportunities may include specialists from or field trips to one or more of the following over the course of the academic year: Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, MIT Plasma Science and Fusion Center, lab tours at MIT, Harvard, Tufts, or Brandeis, as well as area museums or scientific archives.

Learning entry points may include the use of storytelling, fiction and nonfiction literature and art.

FAQ: Which course will be a best fit given my background and interests?

Intro to Physics and Chemistry is most suited for students with some familiarity with symbolic math, functions, and basic geometric principles. It can, however, be accessible to students without these concepts through additional math self-study and tutoring.

Physics I is most appreciated by students with a solid introduction to algebra through at least the quadratic equation, and a basic understanding of trigonometry. Because knowledge of calculus can yield a deeper knowledge of physics, Ti2 offers additional resources for learning for those students with some calculus familiarity.

Physics II is most appropriate for students who have taken at least one semester of introductory physics (whether calculus or algebra-based), who have completed algebra beyond the quadratic equation, and who have a solid understanding of trigonometry. Students should be self motivated and prepared to start participating in the process of science - introductory ability to read scientific literature, interact with scientists, propose a project, and complete an initial scientific work with support.

At the Frontiers: CERN BEAMline Research Program and Competition: Elementary Particles and High Energy Physics is most suited to highly self-disciplined, mature students who have an understanding of atomic physics and waves. Algebra and trigonometry preferred. As accelerator physics intersects with chemical and biological sciences, as well as science communication, interdisciplinary explorers are welcome! As this program requires motivation and maturity, prospective students are encouraged to consult with staff.

Intro Physics & Chem, Gr 5-6:
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