About the Academic Year '17-'18

Ti2 curricula is designed for an academic year. Classes meet the same day and time for the Fall, Winter and Spring terms. Download list version.

This calendar is set in September for the academic year. It is likely that due to inclement weather spring term will end later than indicated.

Key Dates*

Fall Term: September 9 – December 2
Winter Term: December 4 – March 19
Spring Term: March 26 – June 23
Summer Session: June 18 – August 31


 September 9: Fall Term classes begin.

September 21: (Rosh Hashanah and beginning of Navaratri) Open. Classes in session.

September 30: (Yom Kippur) Closed. Classes not in session.

October 9: (Columbus Day) Open. Classes in session.

October 19: (Diwali) Open. Classes in session.

November 11: (Veteran’s Day) Open. Classes in session.

November 21: Final day of Fall Term classes. (Final Wed, Thu & Sat courses Nov 29, 30 & Dec 2 respectively.)

November 22-25:(Thanksgiving) Closed. Classes not in session.


December 4: Winter Term classes begin.

December 17-January 6: Ti2 closed for winter holiday recess.

January 8: Newly addedNew Year” classes begin. (All other classes resume after winter holiday recess.)

January 15: (Martin Luther King Day) Closed. Classes not in session.

February 16: (Chinese, Korean and Japanese Lunar New Year) Closed. Classes not in session.

February 19-23: Winter Term Recess. Academic year classes not in session. February Break programming.

March 19: Final day of Winter Term classes.

March 20-24: Make-up dates for all Winter Term classes.


 March 26: Spring Term classes begin.

April 16-21: Spring Term break. Closed. No classes in session.

May 15: (Ramadan begins) Open. Classes in session.

May 26-28: (Memorial Day weekend) Closed. Classes not in session.

June 11: Final day of Spring Term classes. (Final Sat class held on Jun 23.)

June 16: (Eid al Fitr) End of Ramadan. Open. Classes in session.

June 12-15: Make-up dates for Spring Term classes. (Makeup for Sat held on Jun 30, if needed.)


 June 18: Summer Session begins.

August 31 : Final day of Summer Session classes.


  • This calendar is subject to change due to inclement weather or instructor illness. Please check with the office in spring for updates on final course sessions.
  • “Make up" classes are due to instructor absence or Ti2 initiated closures only.
  • Students will not be expected to complete home extensions the evening before, or the day of a religious holiday they observe.
  • *Please see specific academic “Term” to identify whether your child’s class is an exception to a term start or end date.