About the Academic Year '17-'18

Ti2 curricula is designed for an academic year. Classes meet the same day and time for the Fall, Winter and Spring terms. Download monthly calendar or list version.

Key Dates*

Fall Term: September 9 – December 2
Winter Term: December 4 – March 19
Spring Term: March 26 – June 16
Summer Session: June 18 – August 31


 September 9: Fall Term classes begin.

September 21: (Rosh Hashanah and beginning of Navaratri) Open. Classes in session.

September 30: (Yom Kippur) Closed. Classes not in session.

October 9: (Columbus Day) Open. Classes in session.

October 19: (Diwali) Open. Classes in session.

November 11: (Veteran’s Day) Open. Classes in session.

November 21: Final day of Fall Term classes. (Final Wed, Thu & Sat courses Nov 29, 30 & Dec 2 respectively.)

November 22-25:(Thanksgiving) Closed. Classes not in session.


December 4: Winter Term classes begin.

December 17-January 6: Ti2 closed for winter holiday recess.

January 8: Newly addedNew Year” classes begin. (All other classes resume after winter holiday recess.)

January 15: (Martin Luther King Day) Closed. Classes not in session.

February 16: (Chinese, Korean and Japanese Lunar New Year) Closed. Classes not in session.

February 19-23: Winter Term Recess. Academic year classes not in session. February Break programming.

March 19: Final day of Winter Term classes.

March 20-24: Make-up dates for all Winter Term classes.


 March 26: Spring Term classes begin.

April 16-21: Spring Term break. Closed. No classes in session.

May 15: (Ramadan begins) Open. Classes in session.

May 27-28: (Memorial Day weekend) Closed. Classes not in session.

June 11: Final day of Spring Term classes. (Final Sat class held on Jun 16.)

June 16: (Eid al Fitr) End of Ramadan. Open. Classes in session.

June 12-15: Make-up dates for Spring Term classes. (Makeup for Sat held on Jun 23, if needed.)


 June 18: Summer Session begins.

August 31 : Final day of Summer Session classes.


  • “Make up" classes are due to instructor absence or Ti2 initiated closures only.
  • Students will not be expected to complete home extensions the evening before, or the day of a religious holiday they observe.
  • *Please see specific academic “Term” to identify whether your child’s class is an exception to a term start or end date.
  • This calendar is subject to change due to inclement weather or instructor illness.