Boshra Afra

Boshra Afra is a materials scientist with a multidisciplinary education in science, information technology, and innovation/entrepreneurship. During her PhD at the Australian National University (ANU), she studied nanostructural defects that are generated in solids by swift heavy ion irradiation. Her research interests include materials engineering for energy applications, radiation effects and defects, accelerator physics, and materials under extreme environment. 

While pursuing her PhD in physics, Boshra successfully completed a Graduate Certificate in Innovation and Entrepreneurship and studied courses related to business, management, and innovation. She is interested in finding ways to link research to industry and improve science communication. Boshra also has a master degree in IT and a BSc in Physics.  

Boshra’s teaching experience includes tutoring ad lab demonstration for undergraduate students and active participation in outreach programs for younger school students. She enhanced her teaching skills by completing the ANU Graduate Teaching Program with merit in 2010 and evaluated herself as a nurturing and developmental individual. She enjoys communicating science and engineering subjects and gets incredible joy when her students gain new insights, become more interested in a subject and challenge themselves. 

Boshra has a passion for cooking healthy recipes and enjoys potluck parties, camping, cycling, and reading.