At the Biomedical Frontiers

This Fall 2014 term's At the Frontiers course focuses on biomedical science and engineering topics.

This proseminar will focus upon six to eight topics, featuring different science or engineering specialists for each topic. Topics* include:

  • Biology of Cancer and Emerging Cancer Therapies
  • Medical Nanotechnology for Cancer
  • Quantum Mechanics and Neurobiology: Theory and Applications
  • 3D Printing and Medical Applications: Introduction, Progress and Future Applications
  • Synthetic Biology: Genetic Circuits
  • Vaccines: How They Work, Misinformation and Novel Applications
  • Tissue Engineering: Progress and Future Applications
  • Microbiomes and the Human Body: Bacteria Living in and on You
  • Materials Science and How Molecular Properties Determine Function

Course Format and Expectations

This seminar course requires students to complete the assigned reading and secondary research in advance of each learning segment. Students are provided with questions to help guide and focus their reading. Students have hands-on opportunities (e.g., view and handle "microneedles," replacements for syringe vaccine delivery) and see demos. There may be offsite lab visits, although at this time, this cannot be confirmed.

Special Schedule

Each weekly session will meet on Wednesday from 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm  (90 minutes). The full course includes 11 learning weeks. 


This course is a unique learning opportunity!

Who Can Participate

At the Biomedical Frontiers is a seminar open to self-disciplined, mature students with a substantive interest in science and/or engineering. Space is limited to ten students from grades eight through 12 (special permission required for grades 7). Please call 617 340-9907 if you are interested in taking this course and have questions. Click here to enroll for Fall.

*Topics are subject to change without notice due to the evolving commitments of guest specialists.