Grades 8-12*

At the Frontiers: Materials that Matter

Engineers have shaped our world in so many remarkable ways. If we look at the many innovations our society benefits from today, there is one thing so many of them share in common: they involve materials design. Engineering does not happen without materials. Materials scientists and engineers are responsible for designing this matter that matters. 

As we explore the Frontiers of Materials Engineering, we will learn how:

  • to exploit the structure and properties of matter to design useful engineering materials;
  • nature arranges matter to create the materials found in all living things; and
  • technology itself is driving the creation of brand new types of materials that will impact every field of engineering.

Topics in this hands-on course range from the molecular structure of materials, the mechanics of materials to materials with biomechanical signatures and "programmable matter."

*Students in 8th grade must obtain advance permission from Ti2 staff to enroll. Please contact us at 617 340-9907 or via email at

For more information about the structure of this course and this H.S. program, visit At the Frontiers.