At the Frontiers offers young people the unparalleled opportunity to investigate leading-edge topics in science and engineering, typically interdisciplinary--where new innovations so often occur. Topics open windows into what's next on the science and engineering frontiers in a given thematic area, e.g., biomedical engineering, computational biology, artificial intelligence, synthetic biology, plasma physics, material sciences and engineering, etc.

Individual classes are led by science and engineering specialists who change as the topics do while facilitated by At the Frontiers program co-directors, Kelly Dare Moynihan and Ryan Truby. Specialists are amongst the most talented up and coming researchers from labs undertaking major research at Harvard or MIT.

The course format requires students to prepare readings in advance for 11 interactive discussions with labs. Materials include primary lit, hand-picked compilations, no textbooks.  All sessions include labs, demo and/or hands-on activities. Class size is limited to ten students. At the Frontiers is open currently to grades 9-12 (grade 8 with permission).

Scheduling of At the Frontiers occurs later in the yearIf you want to be notified when this course begins to enroll, please contact us with "ATF" in the subject line. Thank you.


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