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Science and Engineering Excellence through Inspired Teaching, Inquiry-Based Learning and Hands-On Innovating

Inspired by Young PeoplE


Future astrophysicist records her data.


A Vibrant learning community

The Innovation Institute's lab-focused, inquiry-based curricula covers all major STEM areas, immersing young people in the drivers rapidly transforming their world and shaping the future.

Students learn alongside scientists, engineers, and educators who want to share their passion and expertise. It's a magical experience for all.


What do Families Say about Ti2?

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There is a big difference between teaching a kid about science and helping a kid become a scientist. The Innovation Institute, where students don’t just follow a textbook along with an educator, but work on experiments alongside experienced and professional scientists, has helped my son develop an understanding of the scientific world today and of himself as a budding scientist with a place in it.
— Gareth Amaya Price, Ti2 Parent
 Experimenting with a new media in which blood vasculature can be 3D printed and grown.

Experimenting with a new media in which blood vasculature can be 3D printed and grown.


Students prep gel electropheresis to observe DNA segment, while Ti2 scientist and instructor observes. 


profound impacts for students & instructors

When I accepted the instructor position, I had no idea what an impact it would have on me. I had taught before and enjoyed it, but I have much more fun as an instructor at Ti2. The students are incredible! They are so curious and excited that they don’t feel shy about discussing tough concepts and testing their hypotheses alongside their peers. The students demonstrate a clear motivation to learn. I have one student who has to miss class periodically and comes in early just to make up each one. She cannot get enough. Me neither. Something special is going on here at Ti2, and it’s not just students who are being inspired!
— Jeannine Foley, PhD, Neuroscientist, PostDoc, Yelin Lab, Harvard Medical School

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 Dissecting a cow's eye together.

Dissecting a cow's eye together.

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